Why Solar?

Solar Power for your home is clean

Solar is a clean and sustainable form of energy. As a matter of fact, its the cleanest! Incentives are at all time highs and the importance of energy independence is ever increasing.There is no harmful environmental impact and it requires minimal or no maintanence. Financially, this is the best time to go Solar in the Technology’s history. Once your system is installed by a trusted and qualified residential solar panel installer, the system will generate all or a portion of the electricity needed to power your home. In every case, the Solar electrical systems add value homes and protect our clients from ever rising energy costs. Do you want to control your electric bill? Solar will allow you to do so your electric bill and lessens your impact on the environment.

Solar Power for your home will save you money

Solar may eliminate your electric bills completely saving you thousands of dollars over the life of the system. Energy company’s charging more and more per watt every year is a reality we all will have to deal with unless you install a solar energy system. Due to increased demand, utility powered electricity is expected to increase by 5% annually and the annual rate increase average has been at 6.5%. In New York, Long Island, and New Jersey, rates can increase by as much as 9%. Offset these increases before they happen by calling ABest Energy to install your solar energy system.

Capitalize on state and federal tax credits

Federal UNCAPPED tax credit equaling 30% of System Cost. A return on your photovoltaic solar system with the Federal Tax Credit in place is only a few years. The cost of energy created from the sun is a constant so your savings will increase as the cost of energy increases. In addition to Federal incentives, New York State and New Jersey and local utility rebates will cover atleast 50% of the cost of going solar.

Increase Property Value

How could a buyer not be interested in buying a property with little or no electric bill? When appraising your home or business, the value of a solar energy system can be added without increasing property taxes. In comparison to landscaping or a swimming pool, Solar will actually pay you back and is a more justified home improvement.

Positive Environmental Impact

Average size PV systems to eliminate 75 tons of emissions of a 30 year life span. At a time where the impact of harmful non renewable emissions is becoming evermore relevant, a clean, green, sustainable, and natural solar energy system for your home or business will have a personal impact over its 30 year life span. One solar energy system in terms of carbon fuel emissions will have the same impact as nearly an entire forrest of trees.

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