Why Do People Install Residential Solar?

ABEST1 Why Do People Install Residential Solar?

Raise your hand if you have solar panels on your roof.

Even amongst the enlightened Greentech Media readership — it’s likely a
small percentage who actually have solar on their roof. There are some
obvious obstacles – you might live in an apartment building or under a
canopy of trees.

But if you are a single-family home owner — what prevents you from pulling the trigger on installling a solar roof?

You’re informed. You know that performance and reliability have never been better and pricing has never been lower. What stops you from calling a solar installer and getting panels on your roof?

working with San Jose State University, performed a survey of consumer
perceptions on solar and came up with some not-so-surprising results.
The survey polled 163 single family residence owners in Santa Clara
County, California to analyze their attitudes on solar. Santa Clara
county is deep in Silicon Valley and a bellwether county in a bellwether

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