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ABEST1 Utilise Solar Energy Advantages   Build Your Own Solar Energy System

Article by Will Bradley

Have you ever felt like the most difficult day of every month is when it is to pay your power bill. Guess what ? You are not alone. Currently in 2011 the cost of energy is skyrocketing out of control. The present scenario in the middle east and the perpetually shrinking state of the global oil reserves is having an impact on everyday goods all across the world. Items that we take for granted from the cost of food to the cost of powering our homes are all on the rise and will continue that way as long as oil reserves become depleted and as long as there is unrest in the middle east.

On a positive note, these unfortunate circumstances create a great reason for us to consider other alternative energy sources that maybe we wouldn’t have in the past. Given everything that is going on in the world right now, there is probably no better time to invest in alternative energy.

For example, home made solar energy systems. It is a fact that in one hour more energy from sunlight falls on the earth every hour than we can use in an entire year! Imagine if you could harness some of that and utilise solar energy advantages for your own gain. When done properly you can power your home and even heat your own water.

A home made solar energy system that stores surplus power in deep cell storage batteries can save a home owner thousands of dollars on electricity costs. Depending on the size of solar energy system a home owner builds and where they are geographically located it may be possible to reduce their energy bills by 80% or more.

Building your own solar energy system can cost as little as 0.00 per solar panel. To make 10-12 panels(required for approximately 1kwh of electricity) can cost less than 00.00. Compare that with the cost of the same size system from a commercial supplier at prices that are commonly in the tens of thousands of dollars for a single home.

Building a home solar energy system is not actually all that hard, especially once you learn some of the more basic skills required such as soldering. A solar energy system for a home generally consists of several panels connected to one another. Therefore soldering is required to complete many electrical connections. Furthermore most of the parts you will need to complete the project are readily available at any hardware store.

In order for a solar energy system to provide power you will require a solar inverter. The purpose of an inverter is to change direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. It also will increase the voltage of the AC electricity to 120 Volts AC (if you happen to live in Canada or United States) or 240 Volts AC (for other parts of the world).

A solar inverter is needed because the electricity generated by your solar panels is DC electricity. In order to use the generated solar power with your electrical devices and household appliances, it needs to be converted to the standard voltage AC electricity for your region.

Once you have done the groundwork and have your solar energy system installed you will have made a one time investment that will save you thousands of dollars. On top of energy savings, once the solar energy system is installed and operating on your home, it’s value will also increase by thousands of dollars.

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