Tibet will become the largest provinces in China’s solar power generation

ABEST1 Tibet will become the largest provinces in Chinas solar power generation

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Tibet’s largest solar power station – 100 MW of large-scale photovoltaic power plant has officially started. 60 years of peaceful liberation of Tibet high cumulative installed PV power grid has reached 9 MW installed capacity of solar photovoltaic in China accounts for about 13%, will become the largest solar power generation provinces.

Tibet is the most abundant solar energy resources in the provinces, the annual sunshine time of more than 2,000 hours in most areas, the annual amount of radiation of up to 6000-8000 MJ per square meter.

60 years, Tibet to develop solar, hydro, wind, geothermal and other clean energy, green energy conservation snowy plateau this piece of earth the last pure land and energy use from the initial hydro, coal, oil and other development and gradually extended to geothermal, solar Utilization of wind energy and other resources.

Science and Technology Department, according to the Tibet Autonomous Region introduced solar energy research, development, started in the 20th century by the early 80s, mainly in the light and heat-based, 90 years into the 20th century a rapid development stage.

The nineties of last century, the Chinese government in Tibet has implemented the “light of the technical plan,” “Bright Project”, “Tibet Ali optical plan,” “send electricity to villages,” such as solar photovoltaic projects. At present, Tibet has established an independent photovoltaic power plant seven county, township, and wind and solar photovoltaic power stations station more than 300 seats, household solar power, wind and solar power about 10 million.

“Eleventh Five-Year” period, Tibet, carrying out the “Golden Sun Technology Project.” Foldable solar cooker in R & D, demonstration and extension of solar heating, solar biogas, wind and solar photovoltaic power generation and other aspects of new energy technology research and demonstration and extension.

At present, the promotion of solar cookers in Tibet total of 395,000 units, promoting solar cookers average annual increase of more than 10%, solar central heating area of ??????1 million square meters, the total installed capacity of wind and solar power to 220 kilowatts, there were altogether about 20 million farmers and herdsmen families rely on photovoltaic dream round the electric light, nearly 700,000 farmers and herdsmen in the use of a variety of solar products and benefits.

Now, new green energy going into the homes of ordinary people in Tibet, is becoming the darling of the masses of all the plateau.

Zanda County in Tibet Ali Dabbagh rural areas, Tibetan herders guitar music every day of solar water heating stove to cook, and her home lights, television sets are relying on solar power. “We Lighting, watch TV without having to spend a penny, it is convenient.” Qu Ji said.

Tibet is speeding up the transformation of economic development, to develop green clean energy. This year alone, in Tibet started construction of 10 large-scale solar PV power plant will reach 2 billion yuan more than the cumulative investment.

In Lhasa, when night fell, the Potala Palace Square, Paul Kang Park Corner were the solar lights will light up the night life in Lhasa, the Tibetan solar technology is behind the low-carbon life. It is estimated that last year in Tibet through the use of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal utilization, the annual total of 162,800 tons of standard coal saved, the RMB yuan.

“Twelve Five” period, Tibet will focus on hydropower development, power installed capacity to meet the needs of the region and building size reached 2.87 million kilowatts, and built possession of wood, Tiger Mouth, fruit and more and more cloth station. Meanwhile, Tibet will actively develop solar energy, solar energy research and establish a national demonstration base to explore the small and large-scale solar power plants solar power construction mode, and strive to solar photovoltaic and solar thermal power generation installed capacity reached 16 million kilowatts, and to accelerate geothermal, wind, biomass energy and other resource development and utilization.

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