The Onyx Solar Parking Lot

ABEST1 The Onyx Solar Parking Lot

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The question of using existing rooftops and parking spaces for
production of solar power has been around for some time now. The general
feeling is that there is plenty of space across the globe for the
installation of photovoltaic panels on rooftops and commercial parking
spaces that are otherwise just wasted with concrete. Seems like people
are becoming more aware of this fact with each passing day. Onyx is
attempting to provide photovoltaic parking lots to residential
structures as well with its new parking space design.

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Each design is crafted to suit the space available and the specific
needs of owners of the site. The structure is simple, crafted from wood
to a large extent and is put in place to derive the maximum in terms of
output. The design of the photovoltaic parking lot roofs is such that
they can withstand adverse climate conditions to a very large extent and
will last long as an investment in green energy.

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While it might cost you a bit to install such rooftops, the cost is
offset very soon by the amount of money you save on your bills. Also it
makes your home a lot less dependent on conventional grid power. Seems
like a really cool way to get started with embracing green energy into
your lives. Hopefully many others across the globe will turn their
rooftops and parking lots’ roof into solar power generating sources.

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 The Onyx Solar Parking Lot


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