The Installation Process

So you understand or have heard about the benefits of generating electric from a limitless resource such as an increase in property value, lower or no electric utility bills, and positive environmental impact. You also understand or have heard that there has never been more financing options in conjunction with federal, state and local incentives than right now.

Yet one questions remains: How do I start the process of getting solar power for my home or business?

If you are ready to get started right away, you can either call an ABest Energy consultant, or you can schedule a free site assessment by clicking here. Otherwise, continue reading below.

Step 1 – “Is solar right for me?” Checklist

  • Do you own a home or businesses?
  • Do you reside in an area with advantageous solar energy financial incentives such as New York State, New York City Metro Areas, New Jersey and Long Island?
  • Do you have a well maintained roof?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then you are a prime candidate for a solar electric (PV) system. At this point you would fill out a site assessment form and we will be in contact with you to schedule an appointment

Step 2: Site Evaluation

  • We will arrive at your home or business to conduct a full assessment
  • We will ask you for a years worth of electrical bills
  • We will conduct a roof and shading analysis
  • Your electrical system will be checked and evaluated for interconnection issues

Step 3: Financial Analysis

  • Available financial rebates and incentives will be calculated
  • Environmental positive impact will be presented
  • Utility Savings Analysis, Return on Investment, Cost Per KWh put together In a report

Step 4: Deposit

  • If you decide to proceed, ABest Energy Power will take a deposit
  • If financing is required, you will speak to an ABest Energy financial representative

Step 5: Engineering and Design

  • Panel components, system design, and blue prints
  • Electrical wiring diagrams
  • Structural and Wind Analysis

Step 6: Rebate Processing/Permits

  • Federal, State, and Local Incentives filing
  • Utility interconnection agreements
  • applications for net-metering’
  • Electrical and building permits

Step 7: Installation

  • Mounting systems are laid out
  • Electrical wiring and mounting of components
  • Connect Panels
  • Meters installed
  • Oversee inspections from local utility and building department

Step 8: Maintenance

  • Monthly checks to ensure performance goals are being reached
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction levels have been met and exceeded


Please fill out the form below to be contacted for a free initial phone consultation for your home or business. If you do not wish to provide your information, please call us at:

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