The Benefits of Renewable Energy Sources over Non- Renewable Fossil Fuels

ABEST1 The Benefits of Renewable Energy Sources over Non  Renewable Fossil Fuels

Article by Justin Dargin

While energy has become a major concern for environmentalists and governments, renewable energy sources offer and hold a strong and viable future. Non renewable sources or fossil fuels such as oil and gas are still considered as irreplaceable yet renewable energy sources are making their presence felt at fast pace. Here, we are going to discuss the most admirable, inexpensive and feasible renewable energy sources. First, let’s understand the basic difference between the two.

Renewable energy sources are sources which can be produced again and again or come from the never ending sources whereas non renewable energy is limited. The height of non renewable energy crisis can be estimated by the fact that the Gulf has banned 23,500 oil wells due to ill maintenance and contamination of water. Also, the wells need high level of care against leakage and damages. Along with that even if one or two wells are desolated or banned for good, they are highly capable of contaminating water. The experts admit that these wells can leak even after years of sealing. They need to be properly fitted in the land as well while renewable energy sources are inexpensive and easy on maintenance. Renewable energy sources are becoming countries and mass favorites across the world be it India, Japan or Argentina. Most of the countries have even implemented a policy to generate at least 10 percent of the energy from renewable energy sources by the year of 2020.

Some of the best renewable energy sources are Solar energy, Ocean energy, Geothermal energy and Wind energy. Solar energy is one of the never depleting sources of energy. From household to corporate are using this endless source of energy at half the price of electricity and getting double the efficiency. Man has indeed learned to utilize and bridle the unlimited power of tides and waves of ocean. The ups and downs of wave compress the air in and out and thus, powering the turbine. Geothermal energy is said to be the future of non renewable energy. Developed countries have already installed their geothermal station inside the crust of earth and started utilizing the heat of earth’s crust. Wind energy needs no introduction.

It is an unlimited source of energy and been around from long. Plant materials such as oilseed, rape have started gaining momentum in the realms of energy to generate power. The generated energy is known as Biomass energy.

So, with the advent of technology and substantiated research, it is not wrong to say that humans are finally ready to give up fossil fuels and embrace new renewable energy sources.

About the Author

Justin Darginis a Research Fellow with The Dubai Initiative and a Fulbright Scholar of the Middle East. Justin Darginis a specialist in International Law and Energy Law, and a prolific author on energy affairs.

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