Solar Power Buyer’s Guide to Roof-Top Home Solar Systems In New York City and The 5 Boroughs, and Long Island- PART 1


So you are looking to buy a solar Power system for your home in Long Island, New York City and The 5 Boroughs, or New York State. Congratulations! You are either ready to buy your system today, looking for the right price, or you are looking for information and guidance. This multi-part solar buying guide will be published to illuminate the entire process of what a prospective solar customer should know when looking to purchase a residential solar power system in New York City and The 5 Boroughs and Long Island. Fair Warning – some of the information within this guide may already be known to you so feel free to skip around to take what you need from it.


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Evaluating Roof-Top Home Solar For Your Home or Business

Is it Physically Possible?

The first thing you need to do before getting pricing, product research, or calling a professional is to determine whether solar is physically possible for your home. There are a number of methods to installing solar on a home but if your house fails the physical requirements, you will not be a candidate for solar. In New York and Long Island, and world-wide, the majority of solar panels are installed on roofs which are either pitched or flat. The primary considerations to be discussed with regard to the physical possibility of going solar for your home is the Directional Orientation of you the roof exposure and its associated architectural characteristiscs.

Solar Panels need to be installed facing South, South East, South West, East, or West. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west so why cant we put panels on the northern exposure of our roof? The reason is because the sun travels along the southern lattitude from east to west. which is why perfect south (180 degrees) is ideal. If your house is facing 180 South, you will recieve the most exposure as the sun travels from East to West. If your system faces perfect West(270 Degreees) or perfect East (90 Degrees), you are still very much a candidate for a successful solar energy system. Your production may be 2-5% less than a house facing perfect South.

How Do I Determine the Orientation of My Home

The simplest way to determine the orientation of your house is to use either a traditional compass or an iPhone/Android compass App. Go to Each side of your home to find the various exposures of the house with a note pad writing down each side of your house and which direction it faces.

An additional way to find the orientation is through google search of your home in either google earth or google search.If you dont have Google Earth installed, please find the link to install it HERE–> Follow the prompts to install the software and then run it. Once on the main screen, Please see a basic step by step guide to evaluating whether your roof or ground area has a viable orientation for solar panels HERE–>Find Your Home on Google Earth

If you find the approach laid out above for finding your home on google earth difficult, there is a more detailed approach HERE–>

If you prefer to use google search to find your home, simply go to Then click on the square-shaped satellite icon which will display satellite imagery rather than traditional road maps. Once in satellite mode, type in your home address and type in your full address and click search or press enter. Use the Zoom (+) icons on the screen to locate your house.

How Do I Determine if the Architecture of My Home is Good For Solar?

If you do have one of the mentioned orientations, (S, SW, SE, E, W), now you need to identify if the roof is ideal for solar with respect to usable space. Since solar panels are rectangular, then the roof must have enough available space to fit these rectangular shapes. Usually dormers and other angular architecture such as corners or domes get in the way. By evaluating your roof or ground mount this way, you will determine the difference between total square footage vs. usable square footage.

Roof Image Winter Eddie 300x205 Solar Power Buyers Guide to Roof Top Home Solar Systems In New York City and The 5 Boroughs, and Long Island  PART 1Poor Candidate For Solar


Please see an example of a house that has a lot of space on the roof but due to the shapes and architectural obstructions, is not a good physical match for going solar. In not only is there a tree looming over the southern side of the home, but there is also a tremendous amount of angular architecture as well as rounded dome like structures (witch’s hats) getting in the way of placing enough rectangular shaped solar panels on the roof. Even if the customer was willing to trim or cut down the tree, the roof does not allow for a viable opportunity for the customer to go solar.





GOOD ROOF FOR SOLAR 300x177 Solar Power Buyers Guide to Roof Top Home Solar Systems In New York City and The 5 Boroughs, and Long Island  PART 1




Here, you can see what a good candidate for solar looks like on a pitched roof. As indicated by the arrow on the top right corner, the orientation is showing South West which is good for solar. In addition, there are no major architectural difficulties preventing solar panels from being uniformally placed on the roof. Finally, there is a minimal amount of roof obstructions(tree shading, roof vents, fans, and chimney’s). If you have some of these obstructions, it does not necessarily exclude you from going solar. However, as indicated above in the house which was a bad candidate for solar, the obstructions need to be excessive whereby solar is not feasible at all. You can also call ABest Energy Power to assist you in making the determination by calling us at our Toll Free Number at (855) 411-4SUN.


Great Flat Roof For Solar 300x205 Solar Power Buyers Guide to Roof Top Home Solar Systems In New York City and The 5 Boroughs, and Long Island  PART 1

Great Flat Roofs For Solar

These are examples of flat roofs which would all be good candidates for solar since they are facing south with minimal obstructions. There is a big tree in the back of these homes. However, it is on the Northern side and will not create shading issues.







If you have made it to this point and have concuded that you are a candidate for a roof top solar energy system, then you are an official candidate for solar. The next step in the proces will be:

  • The financial aspects of going solar
  • Choosing the Right Equipment
  • Choosing the Right Contractor

We hope the information presented in the first part of this series was helpful. If you would like to speak to an ABest Energy Power representative at this point, please call us at (855) 411-4SUN. If you are still in the research and reading phases of your process, then feel free to check back for Part 2 of this series

Stay Tuned for Part 2

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Solar Energy Facts – Can Save You Money!

Article by Nicole

Sunlight is free for the taking and there is not any shortage of it. This may solar energy fact which may be assumed and largely overlooked prior to the last decade roughly. These days, there appears to happen to be a continuous acceleration in the need for alternative and replenishing energy which include solar power.Photovoltaic or solar energy is eco-friendly and eco-friendly, instead of gas, coal and oil that a lot of power corporations utilize to provide electrical energy. It doesn’t put out unsafe by-products of just about any sort, so it is not going to dirty the environment. Provided that it won’t lead for you to greenhouse gases, it won’t trigger global warming.A growing number of energy minded individuals happen to be shifting to home solar powered systems, and away out of traditional electric grids. Numerous persons are paying to have solar systems mounted by building contractors. Quite a few consumers are finding used solar systems whenever companies or individuals upgrade their solar technology electricity systems. Lots of folks are setting up their unique solar electric panels using do-it-yourself (DIY) methods.It is estimated that the requirement for alternative electricity sources will multiply by 50 % during the next few years. This makes perfect meaning, with people growing to become lot more perceptive of this harm we are doing to our earth by using upwards fossil fuels.Utilizing solar technology to offer electricity is also affordable. Photovoltaic systems will last for years, and following the initial expense is bought, you start to have a gain on the purchase by lessening your electric company bill.Solar electrical vitality is driven by photo voltaic cells, which are steadily becoming more quickly affordable and far additional progressive. The rise in demand results in the enhancement of solar technology advantages systems overall.Solar panels might be used for producing power, home heating, and making water, through the use of direct natural light. Solar energy creates no the actual environment, as its input comes entirely through the sun.Home solar power systems are sometimes fitted on the top of roofs, erasing the headache connected with establishing the whereabouts of your suitable place for installing. Solar systems will need to have little or zero servicing, one of several big solar panel technology advantages.Satellites revolving about the world in space, which aren’t even maintained, make use of an original PV cells know-how. Many solar electric panel manufacturers give 25 or more years warranty on the particular products.Due to the fact most elements of the nation get loads of sun light in the span of the year, Photovoltaic systems might be installed anyplace. Numerous state governments in america provide tax credits and even discounts to homeowners who wish make use of a home solar strength systems. Check with the individual state regarding the rate connected to these credits.There’s yet one more beneficial, and frequently overlooked solar energy advantages, coming from creating ability from photovoltaic panels. For electric power companies to distribute electricity to any or all homes, they require products needed in building these particular factories, as well as power lines crafted from electric cable and rock.All of these require energy to form, and bring about greenhouse gas associated with the levels. In cases where you can cut the need for electric power plants and switch to be able to renewable energy, we will certainly in addition decrease the need for many of these segments and help environmental surroundings.The rewards of using doing energy sources, including pv and wind energy, is that it’s clean and won’t use a damaging effect on your ecosystem. Additionally it might be renewable, which means we will never run from the jawhorse. Should the oil fields supply up, which is a prospect, individuals and nations who’ve not turned to a doing alternative power source, will see themselves in a problematic way.We must all view these solar energy info, and consider investing within purchasing or producing our very own photovoltaic panels as a good power source.Get more information solar wind energy facts Here.

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