How to choose and buy solar energy-saving lamps

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In the design of solar lighting, involving light, solar systems, battery charge and discharge control and many other factors, any one part of the problem will cause product defects. Solar lamps that total consists of five parts: solar panels, charge controller, battery, load and lamp housing.

A solar cell

Solar cells main function is to convert light energy into electrical energy, a phenomenon called the photovoltaic effect. Among the more common solar cell and a more practical silicon, polycrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon solar cells, three. In too sunny, sunshine good eastern and western regions, the use of polycrystalline silicon solar cells as well. For polycrystalline silicon solar cell production process is relatively simple, single-crystal low price, the conversion efficiency has been improving. More in the rainy days, the sun is relatively not very abundant in the southern region, the use of single crystal silicon solar cells as well, due to electrical performance parameters of single crystal silicon solar cells is relatively stable. The amorphous silicon solar cells in the case of weak indoor light is better, because the amorphous silicon solar cells on solar illumination conditions require relatively low.

First of all, any one of the solar lighting products we must first understand the solar cell, solar cell has five electrical performance parameters, namely: short-circuit current, peak current, open circuit voltage, peak voltage, peak power.

The average user is concerned, how do we know it’s five parameters values? Teach you a simple way to let us know the relative parameters, we can 12 noon sunlight in the case of tests with a multimeter the five parameters (of course there will be such that the measured value of the error).

For single solar cell, it is a PN junction, except when the sunlight above, it can generate electricity, it also has all the characteristics of PN junction. Standard lighting conditions, it rated output voltage of 0.48V. In the use of solar lighting solar components are connected by a multi-chip solar composition.

Users can look at to understand the price of solar cells, solar lighting performance and stability. Here I will charge controller, load, battery, etc. as described.

2 Charge Controller

No matter the size of the solar light, a good performance of the charge and discharge control circuit is essential. In order to extend battery life, it must charge and discharge conditions, restrictions, to prevent battery overcharge and deep discharge. In addition, because the input of solar energy photovoltaic power generation system is very unstable, photovoltaic power generation system in the control than the normal battery charging battery charging control is more complicated. For solar lighting design, the success and failure often depends on charge and discharge control circuit success and failure.

Performance is not a good charge and discharge control circuit, it is impossible to have a good performance of the solar lamps. Charge and discharge controller must have the following characteristics, namely: anti-anti-charge control, anti-overcharge control, anti-discharge control, temperature compensation.

3 batteries

As the input of solar energy photovoltaic power generation system is very unstable, so the general need to configure the system to work the battery, solar lamp is no exception, you must configure the battery to work. Generally have lead-acid batteries, Ni-Cd batteries, Ni-H batteries, which directly affects the choice of capacity and system reliability of the system price. The choice of battery capacity generally follow the following principles: First, to meet the night lighting in the premise, the components of solar energy during the day as store down, but also able to store consecutive days of rain the night lighting to meet energy needs. Battery capacity is too small not to meet the needs of lighting at night. Build too large, the battery is always in the state power loss, impact on battery life, and wasteful.


Solar lighting products are energy saving as the advantages, of course load to energy saving, long life. We generally use direct current energy-saving LED lights and low pressure sodium lamp and so on.

At present, most lawn use LED street light bulbs as a light source, LED long life, can reach more than 100000h, low voltage, suitable for use in solar lawn lights on.

Garden lights generally use LED road lamps and DC energy-saving lamps. DC voltage of the DC energy saving lamp, no inverter, convenient and safe.

Low pressure sodium lamps commonly used. Low pressure sodium lighting efficiency (up to 200LM / W), but low pressure sodium lamp expensive.

Lamp housing

We collected information on many foreign solar light, in beauty and energy between the two, most of them choose energy-efficient. Exterior lighting requirements not very high, relative utility on the line. At present, there are many lamps look very pretty, use stainless steel shell. However, performance in the end what? This brings us food for thought!

A good solar lighting products, the key is system design, what is a reasonable system design? Let us first look at several important factors affecting the system, which is the latitude, the annual total solar array surface radiation, the maximum number of days without sunshine, day and average power consumption of sunshine hours.

Let us imagine: if less than the amount of solar charging, daily discharge would happen then? Rainy days, the system for several years but also lighting it? These questions have to be taken seriously our designers.

Finally, I give you about a simple solar lighting system to determine the performance of the method: First, solar power must be four times higher than the load power over the system to work properly. Second, the load on the battery capacity must be more than 4 times higher power consumption (western region), southern region for more than six times higher as well.

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