Alternative Energy/Solar Energy – Fighting Rising Electricity Costs with Solar Power

Article by Sam Greyhawk

In our search for new forms of sustainable power many scientists have focused on using the energy of our sun. Photovoltaic cells or solar cells convert one form of energy, sunlight, into another form of energy, electricity. While the creative idea of getting “free” energy from the sun is attractive to most, many consumers have concerns about the initial expense of installing a solar power system. That’s why the key to purchasing the right solar system for you lies in the “Solar Power Payback Time.”

Solar Power Payback Times for Solar for Photovoltaic Technologies

When considering the transition to, or even adding in supplement, solar power, many consumers have concerns over the initial expense. It’s easy to understand that over the long haul solar power will pay for itself, but how do you calculate exactly how long it will take? To calculate your solar power payback time you will need to evaluate several factors that can influence your payback:

Local ClimateState or Federal Incentives/RebatesState Tax CreditsLocal Utility PricingNet-Metering Availability

Solar Power and Rising Electricity Costs

Solar power is a unique resource because it is protected from inflation - as electricity costs inevitably continues to rise, any electricity you generate using your solar system will counter electricity charges at the current market price. The more electricity rates continue to rise, the more you will save.

If you generate excess electricity, under the right conditions such as net-metering, it is even possible for you to generate a monthly profit from your solar system.

Finding State and Federal Incentives or Rebates

Depending upon the state you live in you may qualify for incentives and rebates that cover as much as 60% of the total cost of installing a new solar system. How do you find what incentives and rebates you qualify for? Using the free web-based tool titled Database of State Incentives for Renewable & Efficiency (DSIRE), run by the North Carolina Solar Center, it’s easy to find the incentives and rebates you qualify for. You can find the DSIRE here:

What is Net-Metering?

Net-metering is a system that allow excess user generated solar energy to be sold back to your local electric company. Depending upon how much electricity you generate this may provide you either a monthly discount or a net monthly profit.

What is my Solar Power Payback Time?

As a result of the number of variables involved in calculating a particular solar payback time I recommend using a tool such as the OnGrid Solar Financial Analysis Tool. They offer a free demo version of their tool that can help you calculate your personal solar power payback time. The OnGrid Solar Financial Analysis Tool is available here:

While calculating your solar power payback gives you a financial picture of the total cost of ownership for your new solar system it doesn’t take in to consideration the environmental cost. To gauge the environmental cost of a solar system you need to evaluate its Energy Payback Time.

Energy Payback Times for Solar for Photovoltaic Technologies

According to the US DOE’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) group the “Energy payback time (EPBT) is the length of deployment required for a photovoltaic system to generate an amount of energy equal to the total energy that went into its production.”

The energy payback time for solar power is based on three determining factors:

The efficiency of the photovoltaic systemThe amount of sunlight the photovoltaic system recievesThe manufacturing technology used to create the photovoltaic cells

Using some average sunlight values, “about 1700 kWh/m2/ yr average for southern Europe and about 1800 kWh/m2/ yr average for the United States,” the EERE provides pre-calculated energy paypack times for a number of solar cell technologies:

Single-crystal Silicon – 2.7 yearsNon-ribbon Multicrystalline Silicon – 2.2 yearsRibbon Multicrystalline Silicon – 1.7 yearsCadmium Telluride – 1.0 years

When one considers rising energy costs and the relatively low energy payback times for a variety of popular solar cells it’s easy to see solar power as a reasonable alternative to rising energy costs. While it’s true solar cells do require large quantities of energy to manufacture, and they also utilize precious limited resources such as silicon, copper and cadmium – in many cases they offer reasonable energy payback times. Even considering the overall environmental cost, solar power may be exactly what the world needs to wean itself off its fossil fuel dependency. Help fight global warming by moving away from fossil fuel generated electricity and moving towards solar power.

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Sam Greyhawk is an environmental evangelist working with Cool-N-Save(tm). Cool-N-Save(tm) is an energy efficiency add-on for your central air conditioner. The Cool-N-Save(tm) can lower your utility bill by up to 30% by improving air conditioner efficiency.

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Solar energy Advantages – See Advantages and disadvantages Of Alternative Energy

Article by Mark MD Dudynsky

I’ve arranged Diy solar energy advantages website being helper to anybody who is interested in alternative energy. We’re going discuss here about Diy home solar panels, wind energy, zero point energy as well as elements of alternative energy investment.

You’ll see here numerous tips and advices created to help you to get your alternative energy investment cheaper. Look for here about benefits of try it for yourself solar panels, zero point energy and wind power. Some thing is certain. No matter what types of energy named above you could choose will probably be for any benefit for your pocket as well as the environment.

We need to shift worldwide from non-renewable fuels to water, wind and solar technology energy. Need for energy keeps growing from year to year and options for oil and coal are almost depleted. Alternative energy becomes a requirement instead of a choice. Diy solar energy advantages website will guide you to decision about alternative energy.

There’s a significant advantage relying on WWS (water, wind, power from the sun energy). It’s cheaper, safer and green.

Hydroelectric systems, wind generators and Diy home solar panels have no pollution consequently they are way forward for the energy.

The absolute right place to consider for alternative energy technology is the Sun as most of our own energy is inspired by that star. Sun light ( star belonging to the Solar System) generates more energy when compared to people can easily use in decades.

Currently solar energy is applied offered as solar energy collectors. A basic flat plate collector is perhaps all you should have to implement free solar energy. These black solar panels work by absorbing and collecting solar energy and converting it to electricity. Many make the decision to make the solar panels as opposed to paying premium for one electric company so that you can provide them.Since the Diy home solar panels come in less expensive than 0. It’s a really great solar energy advantages.

Countries for example America, Japan, Switzerland and Germany are actually encourage their residents to transition to solar energy by providing government subsidies or by giving regulations to the people who be in agreement with apply Diy home solar panels for making their heat and electric source.

You will discover numerous alternative solar energy technologies which could be seen to work to cut down for your bills it is really very big solar energy advantages. You might be also upset on sellers of conventional fuel and coal energy and damaging they will do to the earth.

One of the several cons of Diy home solar panels are its sizes. You should have an area where you could arrange it. The most typical place may be the roof including garden. However, if you’ve got an area where you could put the solar cell, absolutely nothing is in the way to accomplish it. You should have RV solar panels which does not take much place in the slightest. And even own it everywhere with you is solar energy advantages.We still can’t control the oil spill in the america. Nuclear energy evokes enormous damage.We could observed this situation in Chernobyl it’s true its destructive force reached the Japan. We will need to thing about our little children and grandchildren. Just how long will we have got to sit up for changes? Should we expect others to change globe? Maybe we’ve got to begin starting from us?

In case you’re still overwhelmed which source of energy to chose I highly recommend that you just investigate at for Diy home solar panels.

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Mark is Webmaster for For more info on Solar Energy go to

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