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ABEST1 Solar technology from Monopoly to open challenges   solar energy, new energy   solar energy industry

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China’s solar thermal market has never been such a respected company within the industry have enormous impact. A solar water heater company official told reporters, and Wong Ming’s high profile is different from rain and sun, the expansion of different scale, and force integration and architecture Norit adhere to differentiate different, Tsinghua Solar maintain the product technology attachments, maintain their own technical aristocratic body frame, failed to transformation. An insider joked: Tsinghua Sunshine in the domestic solar industry, technology, personnel, funding, quality, strength, get everything, but these years did not find these advantages and marketing docking breakthrough, is still at “rest on our laurels” stage, relying on the resources accumulated over the past 10 years, slowly forward, a little pity. Technology pioneers cake Is such a being called the “ancestor of the Chinese all vacuum tubes,” the company, in recent years, domestic solar water heater market size, brand, a burst of expansion in the market and become a passive participant. Had to rely on the accumulation of market power and corporate reputation, the university has not been able to sunlight enterprise strength, product and technology advantages and market an effective butt and lost the leader’s position. Professor of Tsinghua University Professor Qin Zhiqiang then invented, after all vacuum tubes, Tsinghua University set up a solar electric plant will produce all the specialized vacuum coating glass and solar water heaters, solar thermal China opened the big screen industry corner . This is the Tsinghua solar energy solar energy company’s predecessor, established in the field of domestic solar thermal technology leader status. Since then, Tsinghua advantage of the sun according to the patent, manufacturing all glass vacuum coating and solar water heaters. At that time, China Yang, brilliant, Huang Ming, Li Norit and other domestic solar market leader, have a glass of agents Tsinghua sun. It is no exaggeration to say that China’s Tsinghua Sunshine Solar Thermal Industry “Whampoa Military Academy”, there is no sun there would be no Tsinghua domestic solar water heater market today, “1000 chase” scene, but no later Emperor Ming, Sun Rain and other enterprises The large-scale expansion of the market fame. However, as Professor Yin Zhiqiang all glass vacuum coating technology and opening up the patent, Tsinghua Sunshine monopoly in this market segment edge is broken, then a domestic solar water heater market development spurt, the country appeared to edge Snow, represented a large glass tube manufacturer, also appeared Yang Hua, Huang Ming, Sun Yu, Sang music as well as specialized machine business. Reporter learned that year in order to prevent machine products in direct competition, Tsinghua sun glass of agents, are not allowed to engage in the production of water heaters can only be agency-wide sales of vacuum tube. But many agents are privately operating their own solar water heater in the plant. From monopoly to an open challenge With the sun in the solar energy products Tsinghua no longer have the monopoly advantage of technology, the development of domestic solar water heater companies have ushered in a new spring. But when the monopolistic advantages of technology companies face market challenges, the Tsinghua sun does not quickly find a “based on technical advantage, developing the national market,” a breakthrough. The sun, according to one of the original sources Tsinghua enterprise sector from the initial dominant, then face challenges from many colleagues and eventually behind the year’s “Apprentice” has indeed made a “downlink” path, but the reasons are complex . On the one hand is the company’s state-owned institutions, the market reaction to the end of slow, and the internal management of market awareness is weak and has been unable to get out Dangnian industry leader in the halo. Later, Emperor Ming, Hua Yang, Mu-song and even the four seasons, Sang Le, and other enterprises rush into mass action of students then become rivals and eventually replace their leader in the market, once the sun to find north Tsinghua. The other hand, from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market and the transition from monopoly to market competition in the industry, Tsinghua sun slowly turned more than half a beat, in the current water heater market, “fall behind”, not “wine Hong afraid of dark alley “of the era, even the best products and technologies should be crying, but also allows access to markets and consumers. However, the original sunshine Tsinghua opponents continued to snatch market network, but also a means of marketing flexibility and reaction speed on the chew. In addition, a large number of “Pong Brand” enterprises in the market, there is also a time to “Tsinghua Sunshine” unbearable harassment. It is understood, then appeared on the market, “Yang Qinghua light”, “Huaqing Yang Light” brand-name companies such as Pong, but also promote a “North Sunshine,” “the Branch Sunshine” and some other enterprises to follow suit. However, some solar energy company insiders said, “thin dead camel than Martha,” the short term, although the size and development of Tsinghua Sunshine momentum in the sun as rain, Sang Le, Wong Ming enterprise market, but many currently on the market compared to small and medium enterprises, still has many advantages. Especially in the last few years, Tongji sun, per liter, Rongshida, Meiling and other second-tier brands have not yet developed when the sun is still left for the Tsinghua some room for market growth. Upcoming Events: 2010 5 28 Day? 29 May 2010 in Guangzhou, China heat pump, solar Fair “Hailin Cup” 2010 China Top Ten Brands Award heating heating industry

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