Solar Power is Essential in Australia’s Future

ABEST1 Solar Power is Essential in Australia’s Future

Article by Premier Solar

As Australia reshapes its economy towards lower carbon production, renewable energy technologies, particularly solar power will play a very important role during and after the transition. Solar energy has the potential to become the primary source of energy in our country rather than only a supplementary source.

Why Solar Energy?

First of all, solar technology has become more affordable and efficient, with nearly limitless applications. But it is the continued evolution of the technology that puts it ahead of any other renewable sources, thanks to constant research and development by both government and private sectors, and in our universities.

Role of Solar Energy in Your Home

Energy prices today are soaring uncontrollably, and installing solar panels and or solar hot water systems will bring enormous energy bill reductions for any household. The options that the systems offer are suitable for any home with sufficient unshaded north-north west facing roof space.

Investing in solar panels or a solar hot water systems is crucial if you want to save money in the long run. Both systems have relatively long life span up to 25 years and with a quick and guaranteed return of investment.

For Businesses

The applications of solar energy are not only for home use; small businesses to large scale commercial establishments can also benefit from the technology in many ways, here are a few;

Save money from energy bills and increase production rate. Protects against increasing costs from new Government carbon tax related policies. Helps brand your business as an icon in environmental protection.

Multinational companies, such as Google, Facebook, GE and others are investing heavily into solar today because of its proven long term economic benefits and green credentials.

The federal government of Australia will establish the Renewable Energy Investment Program to assist local business with making RE investments. With a minimum grant of ,000, qualified businesses can enjoy the full potential of renewables and their cost reducing benefits.

For the Top 500 Polluters in the Country

Under the proposed carbon tax of the current administration, the top 500 polluters will have to pay for every ton of carbon emitted in the atmosphere.

The government hopes that this financial impact will bring a strong enough initiative to reduce their carbon emissions through better production practices and investments on renewable energy. Solar power is proving to be one of the best options, even on a large scale basis.

Government Investments

The government has made solar investments of their own, currently the Solar Dawn Project and the Moree Solar Farm are about to start construction under the Solar Flagship Program. Local governments are also investing into solar projects and programs to reduce carbon emission with their communities.

About the Author

Premier Solar is committed to being Australia• s leading Solar Power & Renewable Energy solutions provider for both homes and medium to large scale commercial solar projects. We are specialists in effective and affordable solar PV panel System design and use only fully certified installers and product components which pass all government standards and certifications, to enable our customers to access full discounts and rebates, as well enjoy the peace of mind of 25 year warranties from long established manufacturers.

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