solar energy industry Contains the order of hundreds of billions of business opportunities

ABEST1 solar energy industry Contains the order of hundreds of billions of business opportunities

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Energy security has become the focus of world attention. “1025″ period, our country puts forward to accelerate the green and low carbon technologies represented the energy revolution, adjust the energy structure and improving energy efficiency of using resources. Recently, in the new energy industry conference, the newspaper is the solar energy industry development situation and future trends, interviewed some experts and insiders.

World’s first solar energy area

Q: 1025 “period as” seven strategic emerging industry planning one of the energy conservation and environmental protection industry development planning “, the solar energy industry development? What are the positive

WuYaoQi: in the new technology revolution, new energy revolution is not only an important component, or promote economic and social development, the new great engine in the fourth industrial revolution will play the role of the locomotive. The past mention “new energy industry”, we often think only of photovoltaic and wind power. But photovoltaic and wind power enough to support the development of new energy industry. So, now countries to get “the concept of new energy industry” expanded “energy conservation and environmental protection” industry. In the planning, solar thermal energy utilization just also attention.

LiJun: at present, our country in the solar energy emissions using area of 1.5 million square metre, have dominated the global the first position, about 30 million tons annually alternative conversion BiaoZhunMei twice, is wind. But the solar energy light heat utilization is more than just the solar water heater, the solar-thermal applications from hot water to refrigeration and air conditioning, heating, thermal power, this is the scale of industrial development dimension trillion. Future solar thermal utilization industry development, not only has a broader market space, also need more extensive technical innovation. In this respect, foreign enterprise also has the very big development space.

ChengYuXiong: some solar enterprise switched made other years. I think, they are not see this industry how future markets, entrepreneurs should not only know how to do this year, still should know five years later, this is how to do with strategic and strategy of the enterprise should have vision.

Innovative new energy industry development model

Q: is crucial for the development of the solar energy industry?

WuYaoQi: the key to the future, lies in the solar companies can seize opportunities initiate a suitable for China’s national conditions development road. I think that can be called “innovation” and suitable for China’s national conditions of new energy industry development mode, must meet three conditions: first, to get the benefit of common people, can become huimin engineering; Second, development, namely to inclusive with traditional industries is connected; Third, and market, also be marketization survive. Do these three points will seize the chance of industry transformation.

LiJun: I think the whole industry chain, solar energy company is the best mode of risk control mode, otherwise they will be difficult to royal market risk. In early April 2009 in luoyang, we established a “solar solar-thermal whole industry chain industrial park”, at present, the industrial park of the 1st and 2nd project has already GaoJun, the Midwest scale is biggest, the most advanced production technology and the industry chain most complete solar solar-thermal base formally put into operation, become the Midwest and Chinese solar industry incubators. And kiln, blank pipe, tube production all the industry chain, also make the Chinese solar water heater solar-thermal parts vacuum tubes and blank manufacturing level enter a new stage. Because the whole industry chain, our master can effectively control cost and maintain competitive advantage.

Expanding cities and overseas demand

Q: our solar industry’s future to be?

WuYaoQi: China’s new energy industry for many years haven’t found success development mode. Only find suitable for road of the own development, the solar energy industry’s future will be brighter.

LiJun: technology advances will be able to solve solar products by natural restrictions applied some obstacles. The country has issued 10 million sets of security room applied solar energy technology, will be this well-established market in the city of important pivot produced explosive. In addition, solar products in large market demand, the national rural countryside in simplified home appliance should receive procedures, solar subsidies distributors tax incentives and other aspects develop policies and support solar product development. For enterprise speaking, solar energy product development but also pay attention to the city the vast market space and overseas market demand.

ChengYuXiong: solar development of enterprise need government guidance and support. First, promote solar electrical appliances fields; Second, help enterprise opened three markets: the rural market, city market, export; Third, the main engineering government give subsidies. Renewable energy demonstration project in the city center, municipal unit a promotion, government can give engineering subsidies to 8000 yuan RMB 50 million, which support the enterprise, and enormously transfers the industry input the enthusiasm.

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