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ABEST1 Solar Energy Facts Today

Article by Jeffrey Riley

Does the rise in gas prices make you think about solar energy facts? Do you want to know more about solar and wind power and how they can benefit you? You may also be interested in wind power. Get some ideas today, and see how knowing more solar energy facts can help down the road.

While it is true you can get solar panels on the web for about 00, that is a lot less than panels installed by a contractor that can be as much as ,000 for one installation. You should expect prices to come down as more and more people invest in solar. In fact, the cost of manufacturing photovoltaic cells drops by 3 to 5% per year and government subsidies have increased. This makes solar and wind more and more affordable.

While the energy output of a 1KW solar energy unit is equal to burning 179 pound of coal, that coal also releases 300 pounds of carbon dioxide. A solar cell that delivers 19 to 56 Watt per square meter will save a lot of carbon. The end of 2005 saw about 5,300 mega watts of power from installed solar panels.

A lot of solar energy is lost as it falls through the atmosphere, clouds reflect some of it and then there is energy lost by the solar panel in conversion. Even so, the average power conversion in the US is between 3 and 9 kWh (Kilo Watt Hour) per square meter per day. If the people of Australia could capture all of the sunlight they receive, they would have 2000 times more energy than their present need! Still, you can live anywhere in the world and take advantage of the sun’s power.

One of the big issues of solar and wind power is getting it distributed to every person and place on earth. There are many political decisions that have to be made and debated as we do this. The US consumes at 25% of the world’s energy but has 5% of the population. There are other countries on earth that have a lot of sun power if it could be collected. The problem is they don’t have the capital up front to make the investments. We may not be able to solve that as individuals but it will help if we are more efficient in using our resources.

In short, we all need to investigate solar energy facts and learn everything that we can. We do not want to be dependent on energy sources the rest of our lives. We all should realize that dependence on fossil fuels and the way they are ruining our environment are not good things. Get informed and get going on your own solutions to energy use.

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