Solar Energy: answer to energy problems?

ABEST1 Solar Energy: answer to energy problems?

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Electric power producers using solar energy employ solar panels to exploit the sun’s energy. More and more countries have increasingly invested on energy to produce much needed energy to produce electricity without damaging the environment. Solar power is produced when the panels capture the energy of the sun which is used to produce heat.

The heat will then create the steam in order to power the turbine and thus, electricity is created. Producing solar power can be done by harnessing the energy of the sun in order to produce clean and safe source of electricity. Considering the valid concern on the environmental effect of other sources of energy, solar has been given the much needed support and encouragement from various sectors. Although uses for solar power are usually for electricity production, energy is likewise utilized for space exploration, medicine and chemistry.

At the present time, many of us have been very much concern of the sudden climate change or global warming. Studies show that other source of energy such as coal, fossil fuel, nuclear and hydro power plants can either be highly dangerous or costly. Experts agree that solar is one of the cleanest and safest source of power and one of the cheapest forms of energy.

Since the source of solar energy is the power of the sun, the same is obviously very safe. The primary device that is used to produce solar electricity is Solar panels, which can be cheaply manufactured as compared with the cost of other energy source. Some countries even extend financial and logistical assistance to manufacturers of solar panels in order to encourage more people to produce solar energy.

In view of the fact that there will be a decrease in solar radiation brought about during night time or weather disturbance, various research and study are conducted to develop a system of storing and accumulating the said energy for future use. So as to increase the dependability of solar energy, the panels are being developed to enhance storage capacity of the system.

Solar panels are likewise being extensively developed and improved over the decade. With the development of solar energy, various inventions were made such as solar-powered cars, solar-powered homes, solar hot water and other solar gadgets. It is expected that solar energy will be the largest source of energy in about twenty five years, surpassing, coal and nuclear energy. With the development of solar panels, many things have changed such as the architecture and design of homes and buildings, the cultivation of agricultural lands, water purification and desalination and even with the way we cook our food.

Many studies show that because of the rampant usage of artificial sources of energy, our environment is greatly prejudiced. Many experts conduct studies on how to utilize the natural energies that we have such as the solar energy. Using solar energy mainly means obtaining power from the sun.

With soaring prices of electricity today many suggests that getting energy from the sun as a source of electricity is the best answer to energy problem. So that solar energy can be improved, development of new and affordable solar panels should be made every person’s concern and be made as his contribution in making this earth a much better place to live.

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