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New York City Home Solar Energy Systems designed and installed by ABest Energy Power make for a clean source of energy and a reliable return on investment. Home Solar Energy systems in New York City are continuing to grow in popularity as your neighbors learn how ABest Energy Power demonstrates the affordability of solar powered energy systems. ABest Energy Power is one of the fastest growing solar panel installers in Long Island because 40 years of experience and an “A-Z all in-house” approach goes into each system driving down the price and further securing your investment.

The Process – Solar Panel Installer New York City

ABest Energy Power will meet and consult with you to build a custom solar energy system designed to maximize energy produced, minimize system cost, reduce monthly payments, effectively utilize roof space. Our ABest Energy Solar Installation process is an all-inclusive approach covering consultation, system design, financing, incentive filing, installation, and post installation maintenance. The entire process will be explained to you in advance and you will understand what, why, and when everything is happening. The best part is, ABest Energy Power will be there alongside you every step of the way.

Solar Electric (PV) Incentives – New York City Residential Solar Incentives, Rebates and Tax Credits

1) Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit

30% of the cost of the solar property as a tax credit or cash grant

2) New York City Property Tax Abatement

20% of system cost after rebate, divided over 4 years, and capped at $62,500 per year.

3) Residential New York State (NYS) Income Tax Credit

25% of the after rebate cost (net cost) up to a maximum of $5,000.00.

4) New York State Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Rebate

$1.50/Watt up to a maximum of 7 KW

With annual average energy costs increasing by 5%, your return on investment will approach 15% tax free. Whether you live in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, or Staten Island, this is the only home improvement available to pays you back before and/or after selling your home (average equity value increases to double your initial investment). New York City Residential Solar incentives reduce the amount of time required to break even on a solar powered electric system with State, Local and Federal incentives paying for at least 50% of the system cost.

Incentive information about other states is available at

Financing Your Residential Solar Energy System in New York City



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