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Did you know that earth receives and incredible amount of solar energy from sun which is a star that has been burning from past 4 billion years. It can supply enough energy within a minute that the planet earth would need for the entire year’s consumption. The solar radiations that hit the earth in a period of three days are equivalent the energy that can be generated from the existing fossil fuel reserves of earth. It is a myth that solar energy is not practical in populated areas.

It is just as practical in the populated areas as it is in the rural areas. An average home has enough space on roof to create electricity for the entire home’s supply. Solar energy is not only free but an inexhaustible source. The renewable solar energy was first discovered in 1767 and then in 1839, a French physicist, Edmund Becqueral discovered the “photovoltaic effect”. Even though solar energy had great potential, it was left behind whenever the mention of fossil fuels came up. But ever since the Gulf War, solar energy development took place at large scale and considering the fact that the first practical solar cell was made some 30 years ago, we have come a long way.

In the present scenario, you can find many websites offering the technology to generate your own electricity at very cheap prices. There are eBooks which can be downloaded within minutes of payment and with the help of their step by step guidance you can easily construct your own solar panels and harness the renewable solar energy.

Solar energy is sought after in many developing countries and is one of the fastest growing segments. Governments across the world are able to fill the electric needs of their villages. It is more practical than expanding the extending the wires, which are expensive, in the remote locations.

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