Reduce Your Electricity Bill With Solar Power Solutions

ABEST1 Reduce Your Electricity Bill With Solar Power Solutions

If you live in Australia and are thinking of making the switch to Solar Power then your 1st decision is whether you want to reduce one of your major electricity costs by simply installing Solar Hot Water, or if your goal is to eliminate your electricity bill entirely, which will require the installation of a well-designed Solar PV Panel System.

Solar Hot Water- In simple terms this works by directly transferring heat generated by the sun into water; the panels are lined with tubes were the water passes through, is heated and then collected in a storage tank. The idea is very simple and is effective, and the latest technology which uses Evacuated Tubes is more efficient again and removes some of the problems inherent in the older style of design such as excessive weight on the roof. Be aware though that regardless of what type of Solar Hot Water system you select none of these panels generate any electricity and they can be termed as a hot water reserve only.

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) System- This is a much more advanced technology which uses photovoltaic cells or modules (modules are simply a group of cells electrically connected and packaged in one frame) contained within large solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity with the help of an inverter. Depending on the KiloWatt size of system you choose (determined by your budget & the roof space you have available, panels take up a lot of space!) it can produce enough free, clean renewable energy to significantly reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill!

While consumers tend to only consider what the KW size is when purchasing, an important thing to know is that the amount of energy that is produced by say a 1.5KW system will vary depending on multiple factors; the quality of the components that are used, the effectiveness of the panel design, and the mechanics (such as the direction faced, slope and surface area) of your particular roof space.

An average Australian house design has the roof space to cater to at least a 1 kilowatt system, but to produce sufficient energy to enable a family to be able to eliminate their electricity bill is more likely to require approximately a 2KW system, and this many panels take up a lot of roof space! So beware of unethical companies making big promises without coming to your premises to accurately assess what solar energy production is possible with your particular home.

A Solar PV System is quite complex & the creating the most effective design to suit an individual building requires expertise and the use of premium components that will produce the highest amounts of electricity possible.

Unlike electricity costs which are predicted to continue to rise exponentially; harnessing sunlight for energy has become much more affordable & accessible today, thanks both to the advances in technology that have permitted  massive production of the system components, and the strong Australian Government encouragement of the switch to clean energy in the form of generous rebates.

Premier Solar is committed to being Australia’s leading Solar Power & Renewable Energy solutions provider for both homes and medium to large scale commercial solar projects. We are specialists in effective and affordable <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);” href=””> solar PV panel</a> System design and use only fully certified installers and product components which pass all government standards and certifications, to enable our customers to access full discounts and rebates, as well enjoy the peace of mind of 25 year warranties from long established manufacturers.

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Since ABest Energy Power provides customized financing as low as 0% and as much as 90% of your costs are covered by limited-time Federal and local rebates, there has never been a better time to go solar. Contact us TODAY for a free Solar Evaluation!

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