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ABEST1 Power Norit: a breakthrough in solar energy and building integrated motion   force Norit, building i

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Recently, Nanjing four departments jointly issued a document: the city’s urban areas have not applied for review of construction drawings and design documents and the following new 12-storey residential, new construction, renovation and expansion of hotels, Hotels , Commercial and residential hot water needs such as public buildings, in non-exceptional circumstances must be unified installation of solar water heater! This is the following Jinan, Yantai, Guangzhou, Wuxi and other cities after another asked city mandatory installation of solar energy! Combination of solar energy and construction, has come a bitter history. Building expectations and solar energy have an appointment … … With the “17 big” closing, energy efficiency, build a conservation-oriented society, has become a society-wide consensus, the thirtieth session of the Tenth NPC Standing Committee voted through the savings 28 Energy Law Amendment Bill, the revised Energy Conservation Law Article IV explicitly states that the “energy conservation” as a basic national policy, it is up to the “relationship between the immediate interests of the people and the survival and development of the Chinese nation,” the ultimate high. In the future, energy-saving strategy will become the country’s long-term development strategy, and will take strong measures to secure energy to push the benefits. Current energy consumption of building China’s largest energy consumption structure, China’s unit energy consumption in developed countries, building 3 times, each of our new buildings completed in about 20 billion square meters have been built in nearly 40 billion square meters of buildings, 99% for high-energy construction, peak equivalent to 10 full load output of Three Gorges Power Station. Present, the Government also proposed “to develop land-efficient building” requirements. Have been awarded in the “Renewable Energy Law” explicitly states: The State encourages units and individuals to install and use solar hot water system, Heating Heating and cooling systems, photovoltaic power generation systems and other facilities, solar energy has become the best alternative energy sources. In China about 350 million families, if the supply of 100 liters per day is 60 degrees hot water, then, the annual needs of 664.3 billion kWh, which is almost half the national annual generating capacity, equivalent to 400 billion yuan. If the family has used solar energy, then the equivalent of an annual total savings of 4.7 of the Three Gorges power station of total load. State “long-term development plan for renewable energy” requirements, the use of solar thermal renewable energy development as priority areas. “Plan” put forward in 2010, the total collector area of solar water heater reach 1.5 million square meters, about 20 million tons of standard coal substitute; to 2020, the total collector area of solar water heaters will reach 300 million square meters, replacement of about 50 million tons of standard coal, will be more than 300 billion yuan output value. Building energy efficiency The urgent need to integrate solar energy with. Regret the embarrassment of solar era Solar energy industry in China since more than 20 years, solar water heater with Environmental protection , Energy saving, safety features have been entered into the 10 million families. However, the development of China’s solar water heater industry is experiencing a bottleneck, according to incomplete statistics, the existing 4000 solar water heater production and processing enterprises, the industry highly fragmented, top ten brands of solar water heater market share is only 20% of countries lack the appropriate technical standards and regulatory mechanisms. Solar water heater can not meet current building requirements for diversification, marketing models revealed a number of drawbacks. First, the owners to install solar cluttered, affecting the landscape of the new district, the marginal urban landscape to create visual pollution. Second, imperfect as domestic standards, different standards for solar destruction of the building structure and function in the construction of the water, lightning, wind, bearing a security risk areas, solar injury, solar high altitude fall incidents can go on newspapers; Third, many of the top floor of the roof has become the owner of the “private domain”, because many property owners to install solar roof which disputes can easily cause inconvenience later property management; fourth, with the state, “Energy and Land Saving Construction of “promoting the urbanization process, it is now more and more high-rise buildings, the limited roof area more difficult to satisfy most owners desire the use of solar energy; Inherent solar water heaters, also made a lot of real estate agency love-hate, and many communities, the property is strictly prohibited to install solar energy, many cities such as Dalian, also issued a “no security order.” Related topics: Heating industry: mining companies brand essence warm Mind Related Reading: U.S. solar energy company will build solar power plant in China Solar heating new favorite product into the heating energy trends “Solar” product after another to catch the car Benxi home appliances to the countryside

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