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As people have become more and more environmentally conscious, innovative technologies are continually being generated in man’s quest of finding alternatives and at the same time sustainable means of living. One of the technologies that continue to generate much attention because of its ability to solve one of man’s greatest problems—the depleting source of energy—is solar technology. This refers to the use of energy from the sun.
Basically, this system involves the harvesting of energy from the sun and converting it into electricity for human consumption. What makes this system efficient is because of the limitless energy which can be derived from the sun and its absence of hazardous effects to mankind.
Systems of collecting energy from the sun are both extraterrestrial and terrestrial. Among the terrestrial systems used in converting sunlight energy to electricity is the so-called photovoltaic system which utilizes solar panels. There are various applications for such technology including use in power houses, transport systems, homes and buildings, and various others such that many companies have invested in the manufacture of solar panels.
Evergreen Solar Inc. is one of the companies which produce the highest quality products in the market. It offers an assortment of solar panels made from state of the art manufacturing with low-cost propriety silicon wafer technology. Among its featured products are ES-A Black and Silver Frames Series, ES-B Series, ES Series, and EC Series. Recently, it has unveiled its new solar technology called BOOST Cell Technology in June 2010. This technology of Evergreen Solar Inc will be used in the ES-D Series for residential establishments and ES-E Series for commercial purpose. The BOOST Cell Technology offers the advantage of using micro wires instead of the conventional bus-bar to reduce cell shading, improve current collection, and increase the overall panel efficiency. Aside from functionality, the technology will cater to the aesthetic appeal of the panels. Thus, the BOOST Cell Technology will add to the superior quality of the panel lines produced by the company.  
With time, new solar technology will become available in helping alleviate environmental and economic problems plaguing mankind. Next stop, space solar power.

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new solar technology

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