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HC HVAC & R Network Terminal Sell Good, enterprises can achieve brilliant development. The reason is simple, we all understand. However, review the current Solar Energy Industry, a number of solar companies were the first loud, annual sales are only 40 million to 80 million yuan in between the wandering, much less a lot of smaller solar companies?? A large number of small solar energy businesses, all Year-end sales are suffering a lot, I do not know what to do. Solar water heaters Terminal sales of the product is really difficult to do so, solar distributors and corporate end-fire sales do not achieve it? Definitely Definitely not! Senior Effectiveness Marketing Experts from Shanghai teachers think: solar dealers and sales of solar energy companies do not fire the terminal, the main “root cause” is everyone doing a good job marketing and insufficient attention to, think small, not fat, cruel to the operation, more importantly, the lack of efficient Terminal Sales to solve the system. So how solar energy companies or distributors to create high end sales solution systems, the rapid disintegration of the sales problems, and ultimately fire sales? Teachers from Shanghai solar energy companies and distributors that can create the following six aspects of terminal sales and efficient settlement system. As follows: A fully tempered sales team. Solar energy companies and distributors of terminal sales not ideal, many reasons, one important reason is the lack of an energy levy and skilled sales team. Therefore, the solar energy business, whether self-market operations or by the dealer, should be the most convenient way for dealers to build their own or a powerful sales team. The team need not be too complicated, the number does not need too much. Mainly do work: first, the number of recruitment criteria, to have experience and have the potential talent coming election; second is to enhance the capacity of team members and the business ability to store sales skills, ability to raise this up, the end of the sales on will rise quickly; three, implement and innovation, is to make the team either Group buy business, downline distributors to open up, or routine sales work, can take effect, to achieve the best sales. Three aspects of the above well, not very complex, with practical results, this method is the best team temper. Same time, enterprises can form a manual of these elements, such as “a certain solar super sales team fighting temper Manual”, with the handbook, companies can teach and replicate to all the dealers, for the distribution temper out of a super-business sales teams come out fighting. Shows that the team is not a temper very complicated, lengthy and difficult to understand not Gaode, in fact, clutching the core, be simple, practical and efficient like. II theme marketing plan. For lesser-known solar energy companies, the terminal is indeed difficult to sell more. However, this problem can be solved, such as marketing planning for major themes. Of course, solar energy companies and dealers that even if there is such a creative program planning, but no money to implement. Yes, this is to consider the issue, obviously, solar companies and dealers can be carried out under its own power. In fact, on a budget, then the general can take from 2 to 30,000 yuan to launch a major theme of marketing planning activities so that the city is the people know that, while the sales of natural Jian Zhang. Such as “the city of thousands of families buy a certain solar Water heater Operation Storm “, to leaflets, arches, floats, banners and other publicity to the main body, has done about two months is 10,000 yuan, not to spend money. As long as the manufacturers product prices, offers standards set in place, such as 10 Small Group buy how many people discount the number of residential or rural collectives Group buy concessions to the individual customer, you can set the internal sale, that the number of such sets to customers after they as a whole, sales were favorable. so, sales of natural access to large areas of improve. In fact, if solar energy companies and distributors and more thinking, we can come up with a good way to, not expensive and can quickly improve sales. Therefore, solar energy enterprises can form a number of practical, inexpensive ideas out large-scale planning to form a program to teach dealers to execute this, the enthusiasm of dealers natural high, and sales will definitely increase as a result. Clearly, solar energy companies can also form the content of a manual, such as “a certain topic of solar ultra-shock marketing planning combat manual.” With such a good manual, only the terminal will be better and better sales, even to the investment company to take this manual, are convincing. Three full-scale sales of actual combat. At present, many solar energy companies or distributors are not the ideal reason for selling is to open a shop, so customers are coming to do most of the individual retail business. So, poor sales is expected. But the long run, not means. Therefore, solar energy companies and distributors should be thinking changed as soon as possible, especially considering how to do a small Group buy sales, for example, buy the whole district, township collective buy, consumers set to make their purchases and so on, the only way to operate, terminal sales to booming development, Otherwise, a week retail one or two units can be okay when those sales. This is a solar energy companies and distributors should consider. That time, the scale of sales is not difficult to achieve, there are many methods, such as community marketing, buy marketing, VIP marketing, conference marketing, subscription) More from Shanghai Teacher’s marketing article, please search for “Sina blog from Shanghai” or “Shen sea Netease blog” Click to read the relevant part) marketing, relationship marketing and other methods. Solar energy companies can take a good look and concluded dealers for their own marketing use, step by step of the sales done. Similarly, solar companies these marketing methods can also be formed of a manual, such as “a certain scale sales of solar combat manuals”, and distributors to use the training and implementation of monitoring, then the solar industry’s sales will be soaring. Four, fiery brand of actual combat. Solar water heater products are bulky products, whether in urban or rural areas, consumers are more attention to their brand?? After all, not with 12 days to throw, so the majority of consumers want to buy a bed of roses in the solar water heater . In order to “bed of roses”, the selection criteria is a certain reputation, the best neighborhood have heard, that is a good brand, so bought it assured. Confined to the consumer psychology, therefore, solar energy companies and distributors should be appropriate to promote the brand up, so as to achieve red-hot sales. In fact, the push

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