How Solar Energy Panels Work

ABEST1 How Solar Energy Panels Work

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How does Solar Energy panel work? This is one of the usual questions in the field of Physics, especially in electricity and energy management. Though we all know that Sun is one of the huge power that the entire world can utilize, sadly only a countable number of people are making use of it.

As the sun is in touch with the earth for a minimum of 12 hours a day, energy can be easily taken from it and make use of it to support most of our day-to-day activities, for which we are relying on electricity now. Moreover, this is a regular and renewable source of electricity and power.

Following is the process involved in the working of solar energy panels.

* Though solar energy has molecules that include protons and electrons, we need only the electrons which are used for power

* Splitted electrons can be assembled and manipulated, with the help of materials available at utilities store

* The fast moving tendency of electrons is an advantage, so that the isolation process is quite easy

* The solar plates in the energy panels are coupled with the photovoltaic cells which can separate all the elctrons and hence, they can then be used as energy resource

* In the process, absorption of molecules via solar plates is the first stage. These plates possess the ability to gather electrons

* Transporting the gathered electrons is the second stage. They will be transfered through a serial of filters such as converter, semiconductor wires and finally plates

* This process is to make sure that the electricity thus produced contains pure electrons and no mixture. There will be a power interruption, if protons get mixed up

* Battery storage is the final stage before utilisation of electricity. Generally, a set of ten batteries are consumed so that huge amount of electricity can be stored

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