How Does Solar Power Really Work? Sunlight Into Electricity

ABEST1 How Does Solar Power Really Work? Sunlight Into Electricity

Article by David Feener

Harnessing power from the sun is simply amazing and not as complex as you may think. In this article you will learn how photons from the sun are produced and turned into an electrical current on earth and the benefits of building and owning solar power panels.

How photons are produced Photons are produced by the fusing of atoms in the center of the sun taking up to a million years to reach the surface of the sun, once photons are released they will travel over ninety million miles in less than ten minutes, continually hitting earth giving us the energy needed to produce electricity.

How solar panels work Solar panels produce an electrical current called direct current (DC). Electrical needs in our homes require a current known as alternating current (AC). Direct current must pass through an electronic inverter to produce alternating current to be used in our homes. Solar power panels are made with semi conductor materials made from silicon atoms. These layers of material are used to collect the photons that are being thrown at the earth from the sun. The n-layer of material has extra electrons while the p-layer has missing electrons which will attract free electrons. An electrical field is created between the two layers by the interaction of atoms from both sides. When photons strike an atom in one of the layers it will knock loose an electron which will only pass into the n-layer and not the p-layer resulting in an excess of free electrons in the n-layer. In order to get free electrons into the p-layer a metal strip is connected to the n-layer which allows the free electrons a way out, this circuit leads back to the p-layer allowing the free electrons to be deposited in the p-layer. The electrons on their way to the p-layer can be used to power the appliances in our homes.

How solar power can help Solar power can be used for many different applications, from running the appliances in our homes, heating the water in our swimming pools, running electric power tools in the garage, supplying all the lighting in our homes even domestic hot water and electric heat. One of the best things this free energy gives us is peace of mind and will not hurt the environment or take hard earn money out of your pocket every month. Energy from the sun is virtually maintenance free for twenty to thirty years. It is no longer a product that you can’t afford; in the past a home owner would have to purchase expensive equipment and professional installers at a cost that would take as long as twenty years to recoup your investment. Today we can search the internet for all the materials to build our own solar power panels. There are numerous web sites to teach us where to purchase materials and to design our own panels and install them.

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