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Hainan should make use of Solar Energy Has to “Hainan should have hope for use of solar energy” as the title post, that according to recent reports of the Spanish use of solar power generation has been successfully focused way, and a small power station can generate the electricity sufficient to meet the 6 1000 family use, its principle is to focus solar energy into a container to generate steam and to promote the turbine power generation. The device is low cost, and also Energy Environmental protection . Because, after cooling the steam into water, you can then reuse. Successfully developed under the inspiration of this device, the users that Hainan has been said that the cost of photovoltaic power generation can not build solar power stations are too high, use of solar power generation should be able to focus on ways to solve the cost of solar energy in Hainan, hoping that the Government will step up promotion. Proposal: Starting the PV market in Hainan Province In April this year, China Zhi Gong Party Committee of Hainan Province, Hainan Province fourth to the second session of the CPPCC submitted “on the construction of solar power stations, to promote the development of the proposed photovoltaic Island.” The proposal that, Hainan province has unique solar energy resources, building solar power stations, solar energy will be the introduction of the sky everyday life of ordinary people. Accelerating the “PV island” construction is the only way for development. However, Hainan Province, the development of PV industry is still relatively slow, and have not formed a favorable policy environment for the development of PV industry and institutional mechanisms. This end, the proposal recommends: Hainan Island building by means of the occasion of International Tourism, development of the overall development plan, from the province Energy Planning and construction considerations, the establishment of several large-scale photovoltaic power plants and rooftop photovoltaic power generation and network to make photovoltaic industry has become an international tourism island building right-hand man, both for the international tourist island of providing clean Energy And can provide fresh and new for the domestic and foreign tourists photovoltaic power station modern technology landscape. Development of Hainan Province of the “Solar Roofs Initiative”, be the first in Haikou, Sanya, Qionghai, Danzhou and other cities and counties, selected communities living conditions for photovoltaic power generation demonstration pilot, in the future phases. Recommends that the Government support the enterprises in Hainan Province, East Central Railway station and the station building at the top of the appropriate model of solar photovoltaic power plants, this plan not only save land resources, but also with countries to stimulate domestic demand and the development of Hainan Province green energy policy, or a beautiful landscape of new energy technology. Request to support the central and state ministries in Haikou, Sanya, Yangpu, Boao and other places of photovoltaic power station construction, the first model built four solar cities, the formation of Hainan, the east-west, north and south vertical network of solar power use in order by The use of solar energy to rapidly cover the entire island. Starting the PV market in Hainan Province, Hainan Province, to promote the healthy and rapid development of photovoltaic industry. Department to respond to Sea Yongxing Island Wind Power Project has been started Proposal for the CPPCC members and friends in the hope that on June 2 this year, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission said in reply to this question, by the end of 2008, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Construction Department, Provincial Science and Technology Department to develop and put together the “on the promotion of large-scale use of solar energy in Hainan Province’s implementation of views,” has been defined to support the development of solar energy industry incentives, can refer to the implementation of solar photovoltaic industry. Currently, Hainan Province is preparing the “development and utilization of solar energy,” the draft plan will be completed by the end of this year. Provincial Development and Reform Commission said the Commission is actively promoting solar power projects, currently Xisha Yongxing Island Wind Power Project total investment of 60 million yuan. Project development and construction, 350 kW Wind power projects have been put into 100-kilowatt solar photovoltaic generators, for expansion in 2010 to 2,000 kilowatts wind and solar generators. Order to achieve the goal of building an ecological province, Hainan Province to adjust energy structure, full use of solar energy resources, solar energy future, long-term development plan, the Provincial Development and Planning in the East Central Railway Station building rooftop solar power projects, Ling water sector Chau Wind Power Project, Sanya East gong Island Wind Power Project, Haikou Meilan Airport rooftop solar photovoltaic power plant project, Wanning City, solar photovoltaic power plant project, Sanya 1.5 million kw solar power station roof and network projects, ledong 10,000 kilowatts photovoltaic power station project, the abandoned iron mine in Changjiang Shilu 20,000 kilowatts of solar building integrated power generation project.

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