Expert: Integrated solar energy industry five break the bottleneck – solar energy – heat pump indust

ABEST1 Expert: Integrated solar energy industry five break the bottleneck   solar energy   heat pump indust

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HC Heat Pump Network ¬†”With the increase of high-rise buildings, ordinary type Solar Energy Hot water system Can only meet the high-rise housing in 10% to 15% of the solar energy needs, most households can only look at the sun, but no way to use Solar water heaters. If the system of solar energy and construction integration, not only to meet each owner’s use of solar water heater requirements, but also to expand market capacity by 80% to 85%. “At the recent” Eighth China International Housing Industry Exhibition “, Shandong power Norit New Energy Liang Wen-Zhe, deputy general manager of the mentioned. In the last 3 days in Beijing, “the Eighth China International Housing Industry Exhibition”, the parts around the house Energy Reduction Saving “green” technologies and products have appeared. Among them, the exhibition area on site 1 only 6 square meters, “Optical hut” has attracted many visitors to the eye. “Optical hut,” All power required to operate from its rooftop solar panels. Taste “solar green electricity” boiled coffee, kindle “solar light”, in “Solar power” of the computer office Environment Under the office, the real zero-emission Environmental protection Novel experience of life has brought to people. State Department counselor, the China Renewable Energy Society chairman, said Shi Dinghuan, solar energy applications in China is a large country, whether manufacture or ownership in a leading position in the world, but to some extent we do not manufacture solar power. Although the Chinese solar industry after 20 years of development has made some achievements, but also formed a scattered pattern of industry. China Renewable Energy Society information, the current, large and small solar companies in China about 5000 to 6000, structural disorder, can be said to be an inferior. In this regard, Wen Zhe Liang to the real state compared to the “mighty force in single.” Liang Wen-Zhe that, at present, China’s solar energy industry suffered five major development bottleneck.First is the understanding of the solar energy industry in question. Developers, owners, and even many in the industry, are currently not fully aware of the importance of integrating solar energy and buildings and necessity. Many people believe that solar energy is nothing more than a Home Appliances Products do not need to combine with architecture. Second, the solar energy industry is facing the biggest bottleneck?? The solar products of effective supervision and the lack of national standards system. If the introduction of building solar energy system in the early integration of construction must be considered. Third, there is no pattern of formation of a healthy industry. At present, the vast majority of market share to small businesses share many of the unknown. In addition, a single Chinese solar thermal, solar energy industry is mainly used in solar water heating. Fourth, technological innovation is not enough solar energy industry at present, seriously restricting industrial development.Fifth, many solar energy companies do not fully understand the integration of solar architecture can spread the risks, big industry and market significance. How to solve the bottleneck of China’s solar energy industry, said Yan Luguang Chinese Academy of Sciences, should reduce production costs by enterprises, the state preferential policies to open domestic markets to promote the healthy development of the optoelectronics industry. Shi Dinghuan said that China is imperative in building integrated solar energy, solar energy products is the only way, both the “Goddess Marriage” can save a lot of energy for construction. It is understood that, following the Shandong Yantai, Rizhao and other measures introduced to promote the city to install solar energy after a few days ago, Shandong Jinan Municipal Construction Commission issued a formal notice requiring the following Jinan new 12 floor residential and hotel Hotels Must use solar hot water systems and building integrated design and construction. Related Reading: Dezhou “solar” application why the country’s leadingShuangfeng Rubber: annual output of 180 million sets of the new plant celebrations Solar energy technology in the light of the balcony wall breakthrough

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