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New Jersey commercial solar power systems installed by ABest Energy Power are a safe investment which will allow for control of energy costs and your future. Commercial solar electric is a sophisticated process and ABest Energy Power is dedicated to help New Jersey businesses move forward by turning their electric meter backwards. As one of the fastest growing solar panel installers in New Jersey, ABest Energy Power has a 40 year background in commercial electrical installation combined with solar energy expertise. This solidifies our position as a safe, reliable, cost effective solar energy Integrator and a leader in this market. Our team of engineers, solar energy system designers, installers, financial professionals, and solar consultants will deliver an incomparable customer experience. Take control of your energy and your future!

The Process – Commercial Solar Panel Installer New Jersey

ABest Energy Power will consult with you to build a custom solar energy system designed to maximize energy produced, minimize system cost, reduce monthly payments, effectively utilize roof space. Our ABest Energy Solar Installation process is an all-inclusive approach covering consultation, system design, financing, incentive filing, installation, and post installation maintenance. An ABest certified solar energy consultant will come to your business to assess your energy needs. We consult you on all the costs and benefits of installing a solar power system in your business and provide you with all the materials to make the decision an easy one.The best part is, ABest Energy Power will be there alongside you every step of the way.

Incentives – New Jersey Commercial Solar Power (PV) Incentives, Rebates and Tax Credits

1) Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit/Solar Grant(ITC)

30% of the gross system cost of the solar property as a tax credit or cash grant

2) Solar Renewable Energy Certificate Program (SREC)

Earn 1 SREC for every 1,000 KWH of energy output your solar pv system produces. SRECS can be sold or traded over a 15 year period, with average values exceeding $600.

PSE&G will issue you a loan based on the expected output of your solar energy system. The money generated from the loan will be added to the Federal Incentive Tax Credit (30%) for the system install. Once the system is active, PS&G will purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECS) from you and will pay down your loan from the proceeds of the sale. This program is secure because PSE&G has set a floor price for the price of RECs such that regardless of market swings, the lowest amount you can get for a REC under the current incentive program(Solar Loan II) is $435. Loan II, $435. If by market demand your SRECs trade at higher than $435, you get credit for the greater of the two. What a Deal!

3) 100% Bonus Depreciation – 2010 Tax Relief Act

Companies may claim immediate deduction of 100% of eligible costs of a solar project in the first year instead of the typical 5 year depreciation schema.

Incentive Information about other states is available at

Financing Your Commercial Solar Energy System in Long Island (LIPA)

1) PV Purchase – this arrangment provides for the fastest return on investment and is financed via tax rebates and incentives. Upfront capital investment is required.

2) Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – this arrangement provides solar panels to the premises at 0 cost. An investor will purchase and pay for the installation of the system and the investor acts as the utlity. In circumstances where tax credits are not available, this arrangment is ideal.

3) Leasing Option – Customer signs a 10 year lease with 0 capital investment with a buyout option after 10 years. Lease costs should be less than average utility costs for this to be effective.


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