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ABEST1 Combination of solar energy and buildings: improving the standard side has a   solar energy, energy

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(986, ‘Since 2006 the state began pushing Energy Emissions around the Solar Energy Industry support to increase Shenzhen Yantai Guangzhou and other cities as well as in Jiangsu Hainan Province has announced the implementation of mandatory installation of solar water heaters policy solar energy and building integrated as Building energy efficiency Find a way out solar energy quot put a order quot contributed However the promotion of solar energy and construction integration is more difficult there are multiple reasons for this embarrassing situation br br Solar water heater can not meet current building requirements for diversification marketing models revealed many shortcomings First the owners to install solar cluttered affecting new residential landscape to create visual pollution in urban marginal landscape Second imperfect as domestic standards different standards for solar destruction of the building structure and function in the construction of the water lightning wind bearing a security risk areas solar injury solar and other events often found in the newspapers fall height Third many of the top floor of the roof has become the owner of the quot private domain quot because many property owners to install solar roof which disputes can easily cause the late property management for the inconvenience Fourth as the country quot with saving energy and building quot initiative the launching of the urbanization process now more and more high rise buildings with limited roof space it increasingly difficult to meet the majority of owners on the use of solar energy needs Solar water heaters deficiencies but also made a lot of real estate agency love hate and many communities the property is strictly prohibited to install solar energy many cities such as Dalian also issued a quot no security order quot br br Due to information asymmetry some developers do not understand the solar product design institutes so that they can not accept the product or not well integrated to the building which will be solar Solar industry some companies lack of self binding which do not meet the standards of building integrated products installed in buildings not only did not play the role of energy conservation but also affected the building aesthetics resulting in solar energy consumers developers understanding of solar energy products deviation br br The experts pointed out that the biggest bottleneck is the promotion of countries also lack of effective monitoring throughout the solar energy products and standard system can be divided into the integration of solar energy and building standards and product standards of two categories br br Principle if the solar system the introduction of construction it must have a certain standard so that all the designers all of the real estate developer and all of the construction industry are available through a standardized system in the early building integration can be carried out to consider as every household security windows high rise elevator installation is as simple as naturally br br Force Norit technical experts Qi kun said the companies are accelerating the pace of energy conservation in such circumstances can not first go after other standards promulgated the implementation of solar energy and construction integration the best way is to continued in the implementation of these norms the establishment of demonstration Project To work to promote standards in the model of perfect in turn regulate construction so as to promote the integration of solar energy and building positive development Norit force in the country to implement more than 1 000 solar energy and building integrated Chemical industry Process can ensure that each project are demonstration projects some of them works also highly positive Hangzhou Long Island greenway as water engineering were among the United Nations quot Habitat Award quot Shanghai Construction ASTRI projects to receive the National Green Building Innovation Award first prize for building an integrated class project Ningbo quot Vico Waterfront mind quot Solar Project become the quot Ministry of residential energy conservation demonstration area quot and so on br br Promotion practice in engineering based on force Norit first introduced in the country quot Solar Hot water system Integrated Design and Application Architecture quot standard atlas for the synchronization design of solar energy and architecture synchronous construction synchronization testing synchronization management of technical standards became the first most comprehensive and most representative building integrated solar energy and Atlas Power Norit this approach is the best model among the perfect example of specification br br Product or brand from the point of view what kind of solar energy to meet the standards can and building quot good match quot mean Deputy General Manager of Literature and Philosophy force Norit Liang said that the country should first of all related departments and developers jointly develop solar energy enterprises or building integrated solar energy products for the standard first rigid standards for products to be laid down to ensure the installation in building on the quality of solar energy Second for the solar industry the Government should create a fair and equitable bidding environment and the tender quot market quot so not only can guarantee the quality of solar energy and building integrated but also to promote the sound development of the solar energy industry br br Review the history of solar energy every step of the development depended on government support Liang Wen Zhe said future development in the solar industry the government functions from the command to boot through macro control the solar industry continues to market and going out in the laws of the market screening continuous improvement to building integration specification the final specification to enhance the solar energy industry solar industry to achieve the big step The enterprises should also upgrade their products to enable them to better integrate with the architecture to realize parts of solar water heaters Solar industry to shoulder the important task of energy conservation which requires all enterprises to improve self binding responsible for the product the consumer is responsible to the State so that their products comply with or better than national standards to parts of the solar solar energy and building the foundation for perfect integration ‘)

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