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ABEST1 Chinas Development Road of solar energy resources using long way to go   solar energy, new ener

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With the “two sessions” of the successful conclusion of the development of clean energy more and more become a hot topic, local government efforts. Solar energy industry won its rapid pace of development more attention. Inexhaustible solar energy as the most clean and cheap New Energy Become the focus of the focus in China has become the world’s largest solar energy production and use of power. Light Solar water heaters One had more than 90 million square meters, and is still 20% -30% annual rate of increase. Although the figures are encouraging, although the fast-growing solar energy industry in China, currently ranked No. 1, but only numbers, not quality, its technology and promotion but there can not be ignored, “flaw.” Utilization of solar energy in the initial stage of ChinaFrom a technical perspective, the current use of solar energy in China is still in the most initial stage, products are mostly glass collector in the form of expression. It is understood that, in our glass solar products solar products account for more than 90% of the total low level of technology greatly limited the development of China’s solar energy industry. It is understood that the large area glass tube solar products use low labor costs in China are directly related. If in Europe and the United States and other countries, glass tube solar product repair service fee is higher than the scores of chanting a single product, so different from Europe and the United States and other countries with a large number of our popular than glass or vacuum tube solar products, but flat-panel solar energy products, which products long life and high cost but low maintenance. As China’s labor force will gradually increase this as well as flat products, solar products gradually optimize prices, this phenomenon should be gradually improved. But here the reference to “flat solar” is not a simple product with water as a carrier to transfer energy, but the cold resistance of metal or other recyclable carrier and as a medium. It is understood that such technology is still experiment, but we should believe that the new technology will soon be baked. From the knowledge point of view, it has long been the understanding of solar thermal solar water heater is also just stay in the use and simply remain in the “production water” in this low-level application layer, in fact, solar energy solar thermal water heater is only a small part. Solar thermal power generation, air conditioning, Heating , Refrigeration, desalination, solar high-end greenhouse, industrial solar thermal applications, and many other respects. Fortunately, in the field of solar heating Heating , Solar air-conditioning, solar air-source heat pump system with a combination of steps have been taken, but the degree of market acceptance remains to be considered. The development of solar energy industry is much room, but need the business from a technical breakthrough, the depth of mining potential of solar energy application level. Central low-temperature thermal solar energy industry should use to solar energy use in high temperature industry forward. Cost of the solar industry, “the most difficult obstacles on”Xinjiang, Qinghai, Tibet and other regions have a unique solar resources, but for the promotion and development of solar energy it is difficult. Why? Undeniable that with solar energy products, investment and cost recovery are directly related. Solar street light for example, the cost of ordinary lamps than dozens or even hundreds of times higher, however, into the reserve to use later during the day light most of the night can not completely supply the lighting, but also directly to electricity, even if the supply can be achieved, The payback period is relatively long. So many of the local government will carefully consider this part of the financial investment. In addition to funding the “cost”, there are resources for “cost.” Found per square meter of solar heat is limited, that is collected per square meter of heat can also limited, and the temperature is low temperature, to obtain greater heat would be needed or increase the size or the use of solar energy products more advanced technology, this way also will raise the capital “cost.” According to experts, the problem is still not very cost effective solution, but with the development of China’s solar energy industry, product technology advances, this problem will gradually be eased.

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