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ABEST1 Analysis: China solar energy building integrated trend   solar energy   heat pump indust

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in energy crisis and environmental pollution under the double pressure, solar energy as an inexhaustible and pollution-free energy, has become the field of international energy development and utilization of a new hot spot. heaters in the field of solar thermal technology the most mature and most widely used, the most rapid process of industrialization. however, domestic heater manufacturers and architects in how solar energy hot water system combination with the building of research efforts not only affects the further popularization of heaters, but also affected the city. recent years, the situation changes, the strong high-speed development time is ripe for solar energy industry, environmental, policy, technology and other aspects of the support base has been in place, right time to vigorously promote the use of solar energy. vigorously promote the use of solar energy in the city focus on building integrated solar energy, to promote and popularize solar building integration, in addition to government departments strive to promote, but also to guide the real estate developers and residents to accept the new things. in the process, the government should take effective measures to solar energy and building integrated design and construction work planned; property services unit maintenance and management of a unified response to solar energy, solar energy for the general public to enjoy its benefits. status of our building-integrated heater our country is located between latitude 18 degrees -54 degrees, a vast territory, annual sunshine time of more than 2,000 hours in the area about two-thirds of the country’s total area, has a very rich solar energy resources. in the energy crisis and environmental pollution under the dual pressures, china’s heater industry to develop rapidly. into the 90s of last century, china has established a full glass vacuum tube and flat-plate collector industry. but with the city to increase building density and building high-level of how to limited space in the building on the full use of solar energy resources, and heating system can combine with the building, it is particularly urgent. heater industry to promote sustainable development, in october 1998 the state economic and trade commission and the ministry of construction was held in kunming, “solar energy technology and construction technology seminars” and proposed construction of our solar system integration, analysis of the solar system architecture and the urgency of the need for integration. ministry of construction in december 2001 in nanjing, once again discuss how to implement a combination of heaters and building the design. in this design under the guidance of domestic solar thermal field of scientific research institutions and enterprises are seeking to achieve integration of heaters and building the best way. now, with the development of society, on the one hand the growing advancement of urban housing construction, traditional vacuum tube heater installation space is not enough to face this grim reality. on the other hand, people increasingly value the urban landscape, i hope both heaters provide hot water, without affecting the urban landscape. industry to achieve sustainable development, a number of related domestic research institutions and companies are committed to building integration of heaters and research. research in this area include the development of new collectors, building integration of heater chemical industry process of practice and so on. which has lead china into the field of heaters gradually in later to seize the heater vacuum tube device market share of flat panel heater industry in favor of the re-highlights the architectural integration of heater advantage. construction sector experts, over the relevant leaders, the media have said that the hope of building integrated solar energy and the hands of some new breakthrough in flat panel technology. thus, with the construction of technological progress in china’s rapid development, integration of solar energy and architecture requirements and is more urgent, it has been in the doldrums to the plate in china has brought new opportunities for development. solar energy and building integration will give birth to “flat new era” to come. “building integrated solar energy,” the precise definition building integration of solar and research, to start after 2000, has been more than 8 years, since china and the building integration of solar energy is in the vacuum tube heater period of rapid development. therefore, the number of vacuum tube heater companies put a lot of manpower and financial resources for the integration of research and building vacuum tube, also made some achievements, such as: vacuum tube heater balcony, vacuum tube heater wall, sloping roof attached to vacuum tube split heater. these new products are installed in high-rise buildings have been built in the balcony, and high-roof villas. these forms will only reasonable installed in existing buildings and are not required for construction and building-integrated solar energy, called “solar energy and construction integration” is not accurate. five-star solar co., ltd., guangdong hu guangliang expressed: ” heater is only installed in existing buildings, the only mean a heater project , while the true building integration of heaters and heater should be as part of the building, the real into the building. consequently, there can be a ‘solar energy and building integrated’ product of a precise definition, namely: to replace building components features and the same life, but also has solar heating, power generation capabilities and products in order identified as’ integrated solar energy and architecture of ‘products. those projects are usually installed in the buildings attached, neither the life of building components with the same function, but also no substitute for building parts of the solar heating, power generation equipment, precise rules should be called ‘combination of solar energy and architecture’ products. ” dongguan solar technology, solar energy r & d team, five-star flat ceramic speaking engineers said: “as we all know, the buildings can receive part of the sun are: building roof, south elevation and east-west facade. to finance solar water heater into buildings and building components with the solvent as a whole, would mean that solar collector must have the functions of building components. for example: building on the ‘open type balcony fence board’, installed in the balcony handrail and frame , its function must have security (to prevent people falling or damaged fence boards fall injuries), decorative effect, weather-resistant performance (service life of 50 years); “closed balcony fence board” installed in the balcony handrail and the frame, safety performance functions (or fence panels to prevent damage to fall injuries), anti-climate performance (50 year life), sun, rain, wind, heat insulation, anti-light pollution,

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